One of Jean-Marie’s most vivid childhood memories is the delicious smell of the open box of crayons and the sight of the vivid colors on paper. At the age of five, Santa brought her a “real” art set. That was all it took! For many years after, Jean-Marie’s favorite quiet activity was drawing and painting….and books!

Fast forward fifty plus years. Jean-Marie achieved great success in teaching, business, and government.  With time invested in ongoing continuing education classes at the Maine College of Art, Tufts, and other institutions, Jean-Marie asked herself why not be a “real” artist and share her work with others. The time is now. Art for ME was born.

A native of Maine, Jean-Marie has always gravitated towards seascapes and the ocean. The colors and vibrancy of the late afternoon sky reverberate in her soul. Primarily working in acrylic, she is expanding into oil and oil pastels as well as other media. She believes that technique and subject matter are always evolving. She is also an advocate of making art ownership accessible to folks using prints of her originals.

Jean-Marie hopes you enjoy her work. She loves to hear from her collectors!